Extension of Port of Valencia: A Sustainable Alternative

In response to the challenges posed by the rejected northern expansion proposed by the current government led by Mr Pedro Sánchez, we are excited to introduce our innovative expansion project for the Port of Valencia. We aim to address economic concerns within the community while prioritising environmental sustainability. 

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Project Overview




Our primary objective is to enlarge the Port of Valencia, offering a viable alternative to the previously rejected northern expansion plan.


Economic Considerations


The northern expansion, dismissed by the current government, raised economic challenges for the community.


Our project is designed to provide a more economically feasible solution.


Environmental Sustainability


We are committed to environmental responsibility in all phases of our project.


Quick and Efficient


Our economically sound expansion project boasts a quick and efficient implementation strategy.


Environmental Viability


We prioritise preserving the environment, ensuring minimal impact on the surroundings during and after the expansion process.


Resolution of the conflict: Baleria vs MSC Cruises


We are resolving the current conflict between the ferry company Balearia and the cruise company MSC.


In our Open for Valencia project, a viable solution is presented for the current conflict between Balearia Ferry and MSC Cruise Companies.


The design of the new terminals for ferry and cruise ships takes into account the suitability of manoeuvres due to the constant increase in the size of cruise ships, such as the "Wonder of the Seas" cruise ship with a length of 362 metres, a beam of 66 metres, a draft of 9.3 metres, and a displacement of 250,800 tonnes, and the next-generation ferry like the "Stena Germanica" with a length of 241 metres, a beam of 29 metres, a draft of 6 metres, and a displacement of 51,800 tonnes.


Only zero-emission vessels will be allowed entry into these new terminals starting January 1, 2030.


Join Us in Building a Sustainable Future


As we embark on this journey to enhance the Port of Valencia, we invite stakeholders and the community to join us in building a sustainable future. Together, we can achieve economic prosperity while preserving our precious environment.


Stay tuned for updates on our progress!


VALENCIA Marine Services SLU

 VALENCIA Marine Services SLU

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